Yesterday we have received some very sad news from our building constructor that we won’t be able to open our new gym this weekend.

This comes to us as a big shock and frustrates us a lot. Unfortunately, we can’t to anything about this issue as building delays of the complex and the surrounding area does not lie in our responsibility. Everything at our new gym including routesetting is completed and we would be ready to open at any time.

Sadly, we are now forced to wait for a new opening date which will be in 4 weeks at the earliest. We are hoping to give you an update as soon as possible!
As of now, we are shifting our focus back to the old Munich East gym where we have instantly started setting new problems for you. The old Munich East gym will stay open until we can open the new gym!

We are very sorry and we thank you for your understanding and your patience. We will get back to all of you with a new appointment as soon as we can!

Your Boulderwelt Crew