EYC_Quali EYC_Finale

The EYC weekend has come to an end and I think everyone will agree it was a great competition! The Boulders were hard, but the climbers were strong!!! Almost all of the Boulders were topped in a very impressive display showing just how talented the stars of tomorrow are…

Congratulations especially to the German team! Jan Hojer brought home the title of “European Youth Champion” for Junior Boys, and Lena Herrmann fought hard for a well earned 2nd place in the Youth A Girls. David Firnenburg and Chris Hanke also made it to the Finals in Youth A Boys and together with top performances from all the German climbers, Germany achieved a fantastic 2nd place in the Team results!

Pictures from the competition will be online later today or tomorrow and complete results are already online:http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/result

As we speak, the female final boulders are being set back on the comp wall so that all of you who didn’t make it to the final (and those who didn’t compete J) can come and try all the boulders yourselves. We will also leave as many of the quail boulders as possible on the wall.

Tonde and Thibaut will also be setting this week Monday until Wednesday, which means lots of new parcour boulders in every difficulty too!!! As always there is a lot to do in the Boulderwelt!

Boulderwelt wishes you strong arms, even stronger skin, and lots of fun testing the new Boulders!